A new analysis estimates that the price tag for radiologists and other specialties to manually generate a prior authorization increased 60% between 2018 and 2019. 

Researchers recently studied this phenomenon at one academic institution, and their findings could have widespread implications across radiology.

Researchers from Pitt Public Health recently made this discovery after scouring through data following Massachusetts' expansion of coverage in 2006. 

Whether a woman is uninsured or covered by Medicaid could prove crucial to improving outcomes in minority populations, researchers wrote recently in JAMA Oncology

Two high-profile medical groups are urging radiologists to use contrast agents with confidence when imaging patients. 

However, the number of new cases has continued to decline since reaching its peak in September, officials said. 

Lawyers recently extracted the payout from one Dallas-based hospital chain after proving that radiologist Steven Fuhr spent less than a second interpreting CT images. 

At least a dozen hospitals have already changed their policies on protection during x-rays and many more are starting to have the conversation. 

Michigan Medicine's Vivek Kalia, MD, recently made this call to action to his peers in a new Academic Radiology editorial. 

With simple process changes, Mass General radiologists added value to their practices while also furthering big-picture wellness goals.

Louis McFeeley had originally alleged that one clinician’s failure to pinpoint lesions in his wife's ovaries started a chain of events leading to her eventual death. 

Several East Coast institutions are collaborating to trial a new diagnostic method that could detect the disease two or more decades before symptoms arise.