Imaging Informatics

Making the leap from training to that first job can be an “exhilarating yet challenging” phase of a physician’s career, experts detailed in JACR. 

Being between the ages of 55-64 or 75-79, living in a rural area, and using Medicaid or fee-for-service Medicare were all associated with lower adherence. 

However, extra work is needed to get physicians to close the care loop with ultrasound imaging, Duke experts noted.

Radiologists should exercise caution when using artificial intelligence-aided CDS systems, as robust evidence is still lacking, researchers wrote in JAMA.

Structured orders allow clinical decision support systems to root out unnecessary exams, but they run into a roadblock when docs try to freestyle. 

A staff radiologist recommended the redirect to ensure that no abnormalities were missed when analyzing high-definition images. 

The Vesical Imaging-Reporting and Data System (VI-RADS) showed high diagnostic validity and reliability for predicting muscle invasion from the disease.

The hefty totals underscore the need to simplify processes for physicians who are overburdened by complex PACS systems, imaging experts wrote in Radiology

Sutter Buttes Imaging said that unauthorized individuals infiltrated its systems through an unspecified third-party IT infrastructure. 

The current relative value unit system likely contributes to burnout because of its propensity to underestimate physicians' work effort, one expert wrote recently. 

Such unwarranted fluctuations could have downstream implications affecting repeat imaging, medical costs and quality, Brigham and Women's experts noted.

While many still use CDs for data sharing, one medical center is making tremendous strides with online access via its electronic health record.