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During remarks made Sunday, the noted University of Colorado Denver professor implored his peers to focus on the specialty's promising future, rather than its past. 

The finding is part of a new report from the American College of Radiology’s Task Force on Certification. 

Around since 2017, TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity, with more than 500M active users and 1B downloads. Yet, few in the imaging community actually use it. 

Imaging experts are concerned this trend could potentially stifle innovation and entrepreneurship among the physician workforce. 

Strategic Radiology said the funds will go toward RSNA’s Research and Education Foundation, underwriting 20 annual grant opportunities. 

The specialty should also work to ensure that hygienic measures are in place to prevent contamination, experts advised. 

This discrepancy occurred despite physicians in imaging reporting burnout rates nearly identical to their nonradiologist counterparts.

That's according to a new analysis out of imaging leader Johns Hopkins, published in Academic Radiology

ABR had planned to relocate its testing facilities to the Chicago suburbs, with a rental pact stretching through 2032, but never got to make the move. 

About 68% of consumers said they felt delays in imaging care had little to no impact on their health, according to a new survey. 

SNMMI is one of the latest to underline its devotion to DOs following disparaging remarks on CNN and MSNBC. 

In one recent case, attorneys extracted a $2 million settlement after arguing a physician spent too little time interpreting CT scans.