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Such struggles persisted across all demographic groups, with young and/or female physicians hit hardest, according to a new survey.

Northern Radiology Imaging has served New York's Northern Country region for more than 70 years, but will close on March 5. 

The doc-certification group recently switched to a virtual exam business model and anticipated the change would help reduce costs.

Only about 60% of rads felt fulfilled during their off-the-clock hours, a 22 percentage point dip from the previous year.

The Sunrise, Florida, physician firm had originally hoped to rebrand as a nod to its start as a single neonatology group in 1979. 

About 60% said they experienced a workload reduction greater than half during the pandemic, according to a survey of 2,150 rads. 

During the subspecialty's nascent days, he invented the Bentson Wire Guide, which has helped treat thousands of patients, according to the American Society of Neuroradiology.

Together, the Los Angeles-based imaging operator and Dignity Health plan to offer a full range of radiology services in the 24,000 square-foot center.

USRS benefits from market concentration and business diversity, but also high leverage and modest scale,  the investor service noted. 

Popular topics on the online forum include case presentations, humor, and imaging appropriateness, NYU Langone experts wrote recently. 

The analysis does not account for the COVID-19 pandemic, and experts worry about a surge in late-stage diagnoses down the line. 

The institution was gathering MRI scans to understand the transgender identity, but some believe the effort is unethical and could trigger dysphoria and distress.