Attracting women into the radiology profession continues to be a challenge, but one Boston-based hospital may have found the secret sauce to reversing this trend.

Radiology program directors must build an active presence or risk putting their institutions at a “distinct disadvantage," experts wrote in the Journal of the American College of Radiology

Artificial intelligence may help to inject more humanity back into the medical profession, despite concerns that it may make medicine colder and more sterile. 

Stephen Hahn, MD, is the new commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration following approval from the U.S. Senate on Thursday, Dec. 12. 

The Radiological Society of North America continued to fill out its board of directors this week, naming a new president, president-elect and chairman. 

The Radiological Society of North America announced the addition of decorated neuroradiologist Carolyn Meltzer, MD, to its board of directors on Tuesday, Dec. 3. 

Valerie P. Jackson, MD, suggested practical steps to begin engaging patients during her president's address, which kicked off the society's 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting on Dec. 1.

Radiology is among the medical specialties whose trainees are highly likely to lack a routine place for their own medical care. The Harvard researchers behind the finding note that the deficiency increases risk for depression and burnout.

Just as changing circumstances impact how marriage partners work together for the sake of their families, new wrinkles in familiar processes affect the way radiologists and referring physicians cooperate for the good of their patients. And the “changing circumstances” and “new wrinkles” now include the strain of U.S. healthcare’s push for value-based care.

This year’s competition brought out the best in a strong field. All entrants developed notably original breakthroughs in various aspects of medical imaging. And the winners never lost sight of the ultimate point of all the extra effort: improving patient care while increasing efficiencies and, wherever possible, cutting or at least containing costs. Now meet the best of the best. 

ACR said the competition will allow imaging providers to highlight their use of the college’s 3.0 case studies to spark innovation in their own work.

Starting with the 2021 iteration, RSNA plans to discontinue any educational programming on the final Friday of the agenda, instead concluding at the end of the day Thursday.