Leaders with the American Association of Women in Radiology made their plea in an editorial published Saturday in Clinical Imaging.

Officials with 80-year-old, Fort Worth-based Radiology Associates of North Texas unveiled their new partnership plans on Thursday. 

One recent study noted that patients with the disease were 27 times more likely to have lost their olfactory senses, compared to just 2.6 times more likely to display chills or an elevated temp. 

Editor-in-Chief Ruth Carlos, MD, recently spelled out some of the changes in the July issue of JACR, posted online Wednesday. 

St. Anthony Regional Hospital announced that Lori Pietig will take over the new role this summer after more than 16 years with the institution.

Tampa-based Tower Radiology hopes the new registration process will help to shorten lobby wait times while improving the patient experience. 

It took 45-year-old Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster County, just 13 years to ascend from x-ray tech to the most powerful position in the Keystone State’s General Assembly. 

The American Hospital Association first made its plea in a letter to Health and Human Services leadership. 

Radiologists across the country had pushed for a 2020 offering of online testing. However, the Tucson, Arizona-based doc-certification group noted that it could not start with the transition until next year.

A team of Michigan Medicine experts spelled out some of their concerns in a new opinion piece, published Thursday in JACR.

She'll take over the role “effective immediately,” and oversee the Rochester, New York-based firm’s imaging, nondestructive testing and dental businesses in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. 

“Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are shaping the culture of our departments for years to come," Michigan Medicine experts wrote Tuesday in Academic Radiology