More than a dozen doctors from all corners of the country contributed to the document, which represents the official position of the American College of Radiology. 

The 106th iteration of the meeting will kick off on Nov. 29 at the McCormick Place Convention Center, which is currently being operated as a 1,000-bed temporary hospital. 

Alliance Radiology first filed suit against CNA Financial Corp. on April 29, saying it has lost business as leaders have looked to comply with state orders to postpone nonurgent imaging. 

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and Radiology Business Management Association are the latest to opt for virtual gatherings in 2020. 

Residents have reportedly protested plans by the American Board of Dermatology—under the same umbrella org as ABR—to move forward with in-person testing set for July in Florida. 

SIIM said the decision was influenced by both continued travel restrictions among its members and a desire to quell the spread of COVID-19. 

ACR has joined the country’s largest physician association in urging states to safeguard docs from malpractice suits during the COVID crisis. 

Such centers are the country’s largest providers of primary care and often cater to underserved patient populations and individuals without health insurance, the company noted. 

Experts with the University of Michigan and RSNA recently explored such preparations in a new editorial, published in Radiology: Imaging Cancer. 

The Radiology Business Management Association is offering chatty yet meaty podcasts on the business of radiology for listening anytime. Subscriptions are free and open to anyone who’s interested. 

The Florida-based physician services firm is also forgoing cash payments to its board of directors, while enacting “significant” expense reductions across its clinical operations. 

Indiana University School of Medicine’s Richard Gunderman MD, PhD, wants his peers to move away from mass-produced care and toward a more personalized business model.